Randall's Towing ABP Services 

Towing, recovery, winching services, jump starts, vehicle painting and classic car restoration – they are just some of the auto services we offer here at Randall's Towing ABP. Our business was established in 1969 and has been located in Arizona for the past 25 years. The highly qualified and professional mechanics here have a wealth of experience and are always courteous when you call for their assistance.

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Affordable Tows and Auto Body Shop in Florence, Arizona 

We can tow any size of vehicle from motorcycles and cars to trucks and SUVs. If your car is stuck in a ditch we can winch it out. Our mechanics will jump start your vehicle if it has a flat battery, fill it with gas if you run out of fuel, change tires if you get a flat, or get you back inside if you lock yourself out. At our garage we have a specialist paint booth and can carry out complete paint jobs on vehicles.

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flat bed towing


It can be a worrying time when a driver’s car breaks down in the heat of the Arizona desert. That is where our towing service comes into its own. We operate valleywide so we can reach you and tow your vehicle back to safety. We have a variety of towing vehicles including a flatbed truck and can deal with cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. Our towing service is available on a 24/7 basis.

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motorcycle towing


The roads east of Phoenix, Arizona, are extremely popular with bikers and, at Randall's Towing ABP, we have towing facilities for any motorcyclists whose vehicles get into trouble. If you are biking and need help anywhere in the valley, then we will come out with one of our specialized motorcycle carriers and pick up you and your bike. Our rates are affordable and our employees are always courteous and professional when they go out on a job.

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winching service

Winching Service

If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, or stranded off the road on the side of a hill or mountain, then you need our specialist winching service. Very often a vehicle can become stuck in mud, sand or snow and need winched out. At Randall's Towing ABP we use a metal-style rope with a hook, attach it to the stricken vehicle, and pull it free. Winching is a highly specialized job and we are a fully licensed and insured company with years of experience.

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roadside service in florence


Our team of expert mechanics here at Randall's Towing ABP offer roadside assistance for every eventuality when something goes wrong with your vehicle. If you are broken down for whatever reason we will be with you as soon as possible. We can provide fuel if you run out of gas and change your tire if you have suffered a blowout. And if it is not possible to fix your problem at the roadside then we can tow your car back to our garage in Florence, Arizona.

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jump start battery


Your car battery can fail for a whole variety of reasons. Perhaps you left the lights on, or haven’t used your vehicle for some time. If the battery is dead then we can send out a mechanic to give you a jump start and get you moving again. We carry jumping cables that we attach from the disabled vehicle to the working vehicle to transfer juice to your battery so it will restart. In many cases a stranded car simply needs a jump start to get going.

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tire change


If you suffer a blowout on any of the roads in the valley, we can be with you quickly and get a spare tire fitted quickly and efficiently. We do not have new tires available, our mechanics can only fit the spare you have. So if you are not carrying a spare tire, we would have to tow you. It is always advisable to carry a spare on all journeys.

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vehicle lockout service


Locking yourself out of your car can be frustrating and a little embarrassing – but it happens more often than you realize. If you leave your car keys inside your vehicle and can’t get back in, then call us without delay. We have specific tools made especially to deal with lockouts and we will come and help you out of your predicament. Our technical team has years of experience getting into vehicles using the correct, up-to-date equipment.

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gas delivery near florence


Don’t get frustrated when your vehicle runs out of fuel miles from the nearest gas station. Call Randall's Towing ABP on (480) 339-0986 and we will be with you quickly complete with enough fuel to enable you to resume your journey. It does not matter whether you use gasoline or diesel, we will bring whatever fuel you need. Our charges depend on how far we have to travel and how much fuel is required, but our rates are highly competitive and affordable.

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body shop and collision repair


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision while driving on the roads in Arizona, you will need the best auto repair company in the business to do the necessary work on your vehicle’s body. At Randall's Towing ABP we have a full-service auto body shop in Florence, Arizona, and our technicians there can help you with all of your auto paint and body repair needs. They are also experts at straightening the frame on your vehicle, even if you think the frame is damaged beyond repair.

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restored classic car


Vehicle restoration is another of our specialties here at Randall's Towing ABP. If you have an old classic model that needs brought back to its former glory, we can handle all the modifications and fabricate the parts necessary. We provide frame straightening with our full frame machines, bumper repair, and all of your welding needs in-house. Our experts also provide rust repair including the replacements of steel sheets. You won’t recognize the 1960s Oldsmobile by the time we’re finished.

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car bumper replacement


If the bumper on your vehicle has been scratched or dented, don’t worry. Here at Randall's Towing ABP we can make it look like new again. In most cases we can repair your bumper the same day you bring it in. By repairing rather than replacing, we save you a lot of money. In all cases where your vehicle has been involved in an accident, even a minor bump, we will handle your insurance claim.

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frame straightening


Do you think the frame on your vehicle is beyond repair? Think again. With our specialist full frame machine, our professional frame repair technicians can restore your frame in a way you will scarcely believe. Using the power of hydraulics and torque, the machines are extremely powerful and the frame straightening and repair equipment we have at Randall's Towing ABP is among the best in the industry.

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rust repair service 

Rust Repair

No matter how old or new your vehicle is, it can easily be susceptible to rust. At Randall's Towing ABP we have mechanics and technicians who have vast experience dealing with rust repair techniques. We provide a full rust repair service including the replacement of partial steel sheets and full steel sheets. The work is done at our shop in Florence, Arizona, and we cover the whole of the surrounding area including Queen Creek, Globe, Mesa and the San Tan Valley.

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auto paint shop

Car Painting

We have a purpose built paint booth at our premises and routinely provide custom painting jobs for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The technicians at Randall's Towing ABP are highly capable of providing an excellent custom paint job as well as paint repair services. If you are looking for paintwork experts in the greater Coolidge, Queen C reek and san Tan community, our auto body shop is one of the most preferred in the area.

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paint scratch repair

Paint Repair / Color Matching

If the paintwork on your car is suffering from unsightly scratches then come to Randall's Towing ABP and we will do the most professional job. Our technicians here go about their jobs with care and precision and will have your vehicle looking in perfect shape again. They can match all paint colors so it will give your car a brand new appearance and feel.

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